Party Block Hunting Wyoming

You have hunting buddies at home, so be sure to bring them with you by applying for your license in a Party Block. This is an overview of What Party Block Hunting is, how to apply for it, and what you can expect when designating a Party Block for your Elk, Deer, or Antelope Hunt this fall.

Major Items:
Maximum Party Size is 6
NonResidents CANNOT Apply with Residents "Party" Means you All Get Licenses, not that you Share

Party Block Hunting

Party hunting is illegal in Wyoming. Hunters who apply as a party are not allowed to take game for another hunter.

A party is a group of hunters who APPLY for hunting licenses for the same species, area and type, with the expectation of receiving the same drawing results. All applicants in a party are assigned the same random number; therefore, they receive the same drawing results. Applying as a party does not increase the drawing odds.

Applicants who do not apply as a party are assigned individual random numbers.

Party applications will be accepted for all big game licenses, except moose, bighorn sheep or mountain goat.

The maximum party size is six (6).

Residents and nonresidents MAY NOT apply together as a party.

Wyoming Big Game Party Block Hunting Information

All applications and fees must be in the same envelope and the party block must be properly completed. All party applications for which the party block is not completed will be treated as individual applications in processing and in the random computer selections.

Party applications require that all applicants choose the same species, hunt area and season type in the same order of preference.

Party applications for full price licenses must be submitted separately from party applications for reduced price licenses. Example: If six people want to apply together as a party for full price elk but a few of those people also want reduced price cow/calf elk licenses, two separate applications must be submitted. One application is the party application consisting of the six applications for full price. The second application is either the individual applications for reduced price cow/calf elk or the separate party applications for reduced price cow/calf elk.

For nonresident elk, deer and antelope parties, all of the applicants' preference point totals will be averaged to determine the preference point ranking in the preference point drawing. If you did not receive your first choice elk, deer or antelope license or a preference point during the initial draw period and are eligible to purchase a full price leftover elk, deer or antelope license, you may also purchase a preference point during the preference point only application period.

Applicants who do not want to be processed as a party should not complete the party block:

 Party Block Example 1

Applicants who wish their applications to be processed as a party must complete the party block. For Example, if there are three (3) applicants within the hunt party, the party block would be completed as follows:

 Party Block Example 2