Wyoming G&F Hunting Definitions

Definitions per WGFD Commission Regulation

(a) “Application Fee” - means a fee authorized by the Legislature enabling the Department to recover a portion of its costs associated with compensating owners or lessees of property damaged by game animals and game birds. In addition, the application fee is used by the Department to recover costs associated with license issuance. This fee is nonrefundable.

(b) “Charitable Purpose” - means motivated by sympathy and understanding and generosity and done without any remuneration.

(c) “Commissioner Complimentary License” - means an antelope, deer or elk license issued at the existing statutory price at the request of a Commissioner.

(d) “Completed Application” - means all required portions of the application have been properly completed with correct applicant information. A completed applica­tion includes the applicant’s name, physical address, mailing address if different than the physical address, date of birth, physical description (height, weight, eyes, hair and sex), years of residency and proof of residency for resident fee types, Social Security Number (SSN), Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) or Passport Number from non-U.S. citizens, desired valid hunting license specifications, and an original signature for residents submitting paper applications. Completed application specifications refer to licenses sold through the electronic license service (ELS) and manual book license sales.

(e) “Disabled Veteran” - for the purpose of qualifying for a donated license means a veteran who receives fifty percent (50%) or more service connected disability com­pensation from the United States Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

(f) “Disabilities” - as used in this Chapter means permanent anatomical, physiological or mental deficiencies that prevent or restrict normal achievement.

(g) “Document” - means an instrument on which information has been recorded by means of letters, figures, or marks and which may be used as evidence.

(h) “Documentary Evidence” -means evidence furnished by written instruments, inscriptions, or documents of all kinds.

(i) “Duplicate License” - means a license issued by the Department to replace an original license that is valid and has not expired and has been lost or destroyed. If the original license was hand issued, a duplicate license shall be issued. If the original license was issued through the Electronic License Service (ELS),  a duplicate license shall only be required if the original license contained a carcass coupon; otherwise, a replacement license may be issued.

(j) “Electronic Application” - means the license or permit application form submitted through the Electronic License Service (ELS ).

(k) “Electronic License Service (ELS )” - means the Department’s Electronic Draw Application System, Internet Point of Sale System and Online Internet Sales System used by the Department, license selling agents and the public to apply for or pur­chase licenses, permits, stamps, tags, preference points and coupons.

(l) “Electronic Signature” - means an electronic process attached to or logically associ­ated with any electronic transaction including the license or permit application sub­mitted to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department that requires substantiation of the identity of the person initiating the electronic transaction. This process includes, but may not be limited to, use of personal credentials to gain access to the system, entering a keystroke at a specified prompt that indicates the submitter’s acceptance of an assertive statement, or the use of any other technology that is in compliance with the state of Wyoming’s Electronic Signature Rules as promulgated by the Office of the Chief Information Officer. This process can be used to indicate the appli­cant’s acceptance of an assertion such as a residency requirement or veracity of the application at a specified prompt. Ref: W.S. §40-21-102 (a) (viii)

(m) “Full Price License” - means a deer, antelope, elk, mountain lion or ram bighorn sheep license issued that is not a reduced price doe/fawn, cow/calf or ewe/lamb license.

(n) “Full Time” - means performing duties and responsibilities at the request or direc­tion of an established charitable, humanitarian, or religious organization for more than thirty (30) hours per calendar week every week the person is absent from the state.

(o) “General Licenses” - means big or trophy game or wild turkey licenses valid in any hunt area in which licenses have not been totally limited in number. General licenses shall be valid only under species, sex, age class, and harvest limitations that are in effect for each hunt area.

(p) “Governor Complimentary License” - means a hunting or fishing license issued for no fee at the request of the Governor.

(q) “Gunpowder or Buckskin Hunt” - means the annual Gunpowder and Buckskin Hunt conducted by the Sheridan, Wyoming Rotary Club.

(r) “Headquarters” - means the Cheyenne Office of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department located at 5400 Bishop Boulevard, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82006.

(s) “Humanitarian Purpose” -means for the promotion of human welfare and the advancement of social reforms and done without remuneration.

(t) “Initial Drawings” - means computer processed drawings held for initial offering of resident and nonresident licenses and permits.

(u) “Landowner” - means an individual, partnership, corporation, trust, limited liabil­ity company or combination of these, which either owns real property in fee simple title or is acquiring equitable interest by written contract.

(v) “Landowner Applicant” - means an individual who either owns real property solely or jointly with other individuals or who holds an interest in a corporation, partnership, trust or limited liability company, which owns real property or is a mem­ber of the “immediate family” of the individual.

(w) “Landowner Applicant’s Immediate Family” - means the landowner applicant’s spouse, parents, grandparents, or lineal descendants and their spouses.

(x) “Leftover Licenses” - means licenses that are limited in number and were not issued in the initial drawing and shall be issued on an as processed basis through the ELS

(y) “Leftover Permits” - means permits that are limited in number and were not is­sued in the initial drawing and shall be issued on an as processed basis through the ELS

(z) “License” - means a document issued by the Department, through the authority of the Commission, to a qualified individual that grants certain privileges to take fish or wildlife in accordance with statutory or regulatory provisions.

(aa) “License Authorization” - means a document approved by the Governor or by a member of the Commission that empowers the Department to issue a Governor complimentary or Commissioner complimentary license in the name of the applicant designated on the document.

(bb) “Limited Quota Drawing” - means the processing of an application for limited quota or general big game licenses, trophy game licenses, wild turkey licenses, per­mits, or the wild bison priority list through a drawing.

(cc) “Limited Quota Licenses” - means licenses limited in number and valid only in a specified hunt area(s) or portion(s) of a hunt area, for a specified type of weapon, for a specified sex, age class or species of big game, trophy game, wild turkey, or sandhill crane during specified season dates.

(dd) “Limited Quota Reduced Price Cow or Calf (cow/calf) License” - means a license which may be authorized in specific hunt areas allowing a person to take cow or calf elk independent of what may be taken on a general license or full priced limited quota license.

(ee) “Limited Quota Reduced Price Doe or Fawn (doe/fawn) License” - means a license which may be authorized in specific hunt areas allowing a person to take doe or fawn animals independent of what may be taken on a general license or full priced limited quota license.

(ff) “Limited Quota Reduced Price Ewe or Lamb (ewe/lamb) License” - means a li­cense which may be authorized in specific hunt areas allowing a person to take a ewe or lamb bighorn sheep independent of what may be taken on a full priced limited quota license.

(gg) “Minor Dependent” - means an individual less than eighteen (18) years of age who is domiciled with parent(s) or legal guardian.

(hh) “National Bow Hunt” - means an archery-only hunt that is sponsored and administered by the Wyoming National Bowhunt Inc.

(ii) “Nonprofit Charitable Organization” - means an organization which engages in activities providing the general public with benefits designed to aid in educational, moral, physical, conservation, or social improvement and which is not established for profit.

(jj) “Nonprofit Organization Dedicated to Providing Hunting Opportunities to Indi­viduals with Disabilities” - means any organization that is registered with the Wyoming Secretary of State and certifies that they are nonprofit and that the primary purpose or mission as stated in their charter is to provide hunting opportunities to individuals with disabilities defined in this regulation.

(kk) “Nonresident” - means any person who is not domiciled in Wyoming for at least one (1) year immediately preceding making application for a license and who is not a resident as defined by W.S. §23-1-102 (a)(ix) and W.S. §23-1-107.

(ll) “One-Shot Antelope Hunt” - means the One-Shot Antelope Hunt sponsored by the One-Shot Antelope Club in Lander, Wyoming.

(mm) “Party” - means a group of individuals with the same residency status who apply together for hunting licenses for the same species, area and type, and who have expectations of receiving the same treatment in processing of their applications and receiving the same drawing results. For purposes of this regulation, a Party does not include anyone else, regardless of whether or not they may accompany the party of hunters during the hunt. For limited quota sandhill crane applications, residents and non-residents may apply together in the same party.

(nn) “Party Application” - means a group of applications in which all applicants with the same residency status specify the same species, hunt area and type in the same order of preference, and all applicants expect the same processing and draw results.

(oo) “Permit” - means a document, which grants additional privileges to an individual who possesses the proper license(s) to carry out activities not authorized by the license itself.

(pp) “Person’s Privilege to Obtain a License Has Been Revoked or Suspended by a Court or the Wildlife Violator Compact” - means revocation or suspension of the person’s license or preference points.

(qq) “Pioneer Licenses” - means antelope, deer or elk licenses issued to Wyoming residents who were born on or before January 1, 1930, and who have resided continuously for at least forty (40) years in Wyoming immediately preceding the ap­plication for a license.

(rr) “Pioneer Heritage Licenses” - means antelope, deer or elk licenses issued to Wyo­ming residents who were born after January 1, 1930, are at least seventy (70) years of age prior to the issuance of the license and have continuously resided in Wyoming for at least fifty (50) years immediately preceding application for the license. The fee for the Heritage License shall be established by the Department by multiplying the fee for resident licenses for the same species and license type by sixty five percent (65%) and rounding down to the next whole dollar amount.

(ss) “Potential to Use License” - means the license shall be considered to be in posses­sion of the person in whose name it was issued on or after the earliest opening date for which the license is valid if the license is not in the possession of an authorized Department employee.

(tt) “Processing Fee” - means a fee established by the Department to cover extra costs associated with withdrawing an application from a drawing.

(uu) “Proper Application Form” - means the current year’s form prescribed by the Department, a photocopy of the form, or facsimile of the form. These forms shall be the only forms accepted by the Department.

(vv) “Properly Completed Duplicate License Affidavit” - means a Department affida­vit form signed by the person applying for a duplicate license and the license selling agent who sold the original license, on which all information has been accurately pro­vided by the licensee and agent. Affidavits for original licenses issued through the ELS  do not require the signature of the agent who originally sold the license.

(ww) “Proper Fee” - means cash or a negotiable instrument as set forth by W.S. §34.1-3-104 which results in full payment to the Department, in U.S. dollars for the amount specified by law or regulation for the respective licenses, permits, stamps, tags, preference points, or certificates.

(xx) “Qualified Person” - means an individual who meets the statutory and regulatory requirements to apply for or receive a license or a preference point. A person shall not be qualified if their privilege to apply for or receive a license or a preference point has been revoked, suspended, or restricted by a court in Wyoming or has been revoked or suspended in Wyoming through the Wildlife Violator Compact.

(yy) “Quota” - means the maximum specified number of licenses to be issued for a given hunt area and species as provided by Commission regulation; in the case of nonresident elk hunt area quotas, the maximum number of specified licenses to be issued by hunt area as provided in writing by the Wildlife Division to the Fiscal Division.

(zz) “Region General Deer Licenses” - means general nonresident deer licenses that shall be limited in number and valid for a specified group of hunt areas in ac­cordance with Commission regulations. A license issued for a region shall only be valid in hunt areas within the region where limitations in Commission regulations specify general licenses. A license issued for a region shall not be valid in any hunt area within that region in which licenses are totally limited in quota, unless specified by Commission regulations.

(aaa) “Religious Purpose” - means actions taken to advance sacred matters, religion or a church and done without remuneration.

(bbb) “Replacement License” - means the reprint of a license, permit, or stamp that does not contain a carcass coupon and the license was originally issued by the Department or license selling agent through the ELS , is currently valid and has not expired.

(ccc) “Resident” - means a United States citizen or legal alien who is domiciled in Wyoming for at least one (1) full year immediately preceding making application for any resident game and fish license, preference point, permit or tag, shall not have claimed residency in any other state, territory, or country for any other purpose during that one (1) year period, and meets the requirements specified in Wyoming Statutes §23-1-102 and §23-1-107.

(ddd) “Special Nonresident Antelope, Deer or Elk Licenses” - means those licenses having a fee greater than that of a regular nonresident antelope, deer or elk license as defined in Wyoming Statute and which the statutes provide for a separate nonresi­dent drawing with specific percentages of nonresident quotas designated for only those applicants paying the higher license fees.

(eee) “Sportsperson Identification Number” - means the unique number assigned by the Department to each individual license applicant on the ELS. 

(fff) “Transfer” - means to convey a license authorization as set forth in Section 12 of this regulation from one (1) person to another.

(ggg) “Type” - means a limitation on a license in a particular hunt area for the sex of animal, the species of animal, the length of the season, the type of weapon, or a portion of the hunt area in which the license shall be valid.

(hhh) “Unable to Use the License For Good Cause” - means an individual is un­able to use a bighorn sheep, grizzly bear, moose or mountain goat license due to disabling injury or illness, military personnel who receive permanent change of station (PCS) orders or are assigned away from their home duty station on temporary orders (TDY) for the majority of the regular season, or when the Department has determined a majority of, or the entire hunting opportunity has been lost in a specific limited quota hunt area for antelope, bighorn sheep, deer, elk, moose or mountain goat due to the administrative actions of the state or federal government in closing the majority of or all public access to a hunt area due to a natural disaster, including, but not necessarily limited to, wildland fires.

(iii) “Under the Care and Supervision of the Residing Facility” - means the person is in accompaniment of an employee of the appropriate institution or facility that issued the special limited fishing permit.

(jjj) “Youth License” - means a big game license that may be issued to a resident or nonresident individual who is at least eleven (11) years of age and who has not attained eighteen (18) years of age at the time of application. The license shall not be valid until the licensee reaches his twelfth (12th) birthday. For all other species, excluding furbearing animals, requiring a license to take means a license that may be issued to a resident or nonresident individual who has not attained eighteen (18) years of age. For a resident youth trapping license this means residents under the age of seventeen (17).

Definition for Qualifying Disability per WGFD  Commission Regulation, Chapter 38

“Qualifying Disability” - means a physical condition that necessitates the individual to utilize a wheelchair, cane, crutches or some other mechanical device to assist the individual in moving to and from a vehicle.