Wyoming Statewide Overview

A Break-Down of G&F Rules, Regulations, and Hunting Units

Wyoming is just one of those states where everything seems a little bit complicated when it comes to Big Game Hunting.  We're going to give you the basics, before you become an expert on Wyoming Big Game rules and regulations.  If you're already on your way to becoming an expert, use the navigation to explore individual topics for Wyoming Elk, Deer and Antelope drawing, rules and regulations.

Understanding Hunt Codes and The Draw

There are only 2 types of licenses in Wyoming; General and Limited Tags.  General Tags will be valid for a region or certain units depending the species.  Limited Tags are those tags you must apply for in the draw and are different for resident and non-resident applicants.

For Residents, Limited Tags are given out randomly.  For Non-Residents, 75% of the Non-Resident Tag Allocations are given out on a Preference Point system where the person with the most Preference is given priority.  When more than one hunter is going for the same tag with the same number of points, they are drawn randomly.  The remaining 25% allocation for Non-Resident is given out in a random draw.  This means you could technically draw a 9+ unit tag without any Preference Points, but be sure to check your drawing odds before getting your hopes up!

Archery Hunting

The way the archery season works in Wyoming, is that you are essentially applying for a Rifle Tag.  Once you have your tag, you buy an archery permit that allows you to hunt that rifle tag, during the designated archery season for that unit.  If you are unsuccessful with your archery equipment, your tag is still valid to be used during the rifle season.  You can opt to continue using your archery equipment during this season, just note that the blaze orange requirements are in effect.

Also, any broadhead is legal, as long it's more than an inch wide when deployed (this means expandibles are legal).  Along with this, lighted equipment is legal, as long as it doesn't project any light outside the apparatus.  This means lighted knocks and lighted pins are legal.

Blaze Orange Requirements

In Wyoming, unless you're in an archery only area, you're required to wear one (1) item of flouresent orange exterior garment that shall include a hat, shirt, jacket, coat, vest, or sweater.  This means you can get away with only wearing a blaze orange hat in Wyoming.

Drone Use

Drones are not legal to use during the hunting season.  You can not harvest game within 24 hours of flying any aircraft, which would include a drone vehicle.

Shooting Wolves

We all want to, but it is illegal :)