What's New for Hunting Wyoming in 2014?

 There weren't a lot of changes from the Wyoming Game and Fish for 2014.  The major things are the new SuperTag and SuperTag Trifecta for all Big Game Species and the fact that Wyoming Paper Applications for Big Game are no longer accepted.  Be sure to check back and we'll let you know if anything changes in terms of Big Game Hunting Boundaries as soon as those are set.

  • Applications must be submitted online using the WGFD ELS (Electronic License System) - Click here to go!


  • Over-The-Counter resident general elk and resident general deer licenses go on sale starting July 1st


  • Wild Bison Drawing - Applicants will no longer be placed on a priority list.  Instead, they will remit the license fee during the initial application period and a random drawing will be conducted to determine successful applicants for license issuance.