New for Colorado Hunting in 2015

There weren't a whole lot of changes for 2015.  The most noteable is the changes in Electronic Devices on Archery Equipment.  But be sure to go through the main changes, and then the specific ones for the Big Game Species you hunt in Colorado.  Just click on the section you're interested in on the left to see what the Colorado Division of Wildlife Changed for that specific topic.

Youth Hunting Open to More Species, More Seasons

Two regulation changes affect youth hunting this year, expanding youth opportunity to hunt around the state. First, youths get at least 15 percent of the limited licenses in every game management unit for doe pronghorn, antlerless and either-sex deer and antlerless elk. This includes all methods of take and all seasons, including early and late rifle seasons. Second, youths no longer have to wait to hunt during a late season. Youths may purchase their original tag to hunt deer or elk; if the season on their license ends and an animal isn’t harvested, they may continue to hunt in expanded areas during any of the rifle seasons.

Landowner Voucher Program Changed

All previous versions of landowner preference have been replaced with the Landowner Preference Program. All landowners and hunters using vouchers MUST follow the new statutes and regulations.

Licenses on Sale Over Several Days

There are separate on-sale days this year, so plan ahead and apply in the draw to get the license you want! Over-the-counter and over-the-counter with caps licenses go on sale at 9 a.m. July 21. Leftover licenses go on sale at 9 a.m. Aug. 4 in person and by phone and at midnight Aug. 5 online.

Lighted Nocks, Recording Devices Approved for Archery Hunting

Archers may now use lighted nocks on arrows, which can help aid in recovery of game animals. New rules are also in place that allow recording devices to be mounted on a bow. Read what is legal in “Legal Methods of Take.”

Williams Fork RFW Ends

The Ranching For Wildlife program at Williams Fork Ranch has ended. Hunts are no longer available through this program.

Antler Collection

New restrictions are in place for collecting shed antlers certain times of the year. This helps minimize disturbance of animals on their winter range in the Eagle and Roaring Fork valleys.

Retrieving Game with Dogs

Regulations are in development to allow hunters to retrieve some wounded animals with dogs. This is anticipated to go into effect before the 2015 big-game hunting season. Updates will be online at

Forest Service Closures

Projects on National Forest lands can impact access any time of the year. The new “Land Closure” page has details, websites and more Forest Service information.

Long Draw Road to Open

Long Draw Road in GMU 19 is expected to be open this year for hunting seasons. Check the U.S. Forest Service updates at www.

Elk Changes

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New Rules in Unit 128

To help aid in the quality of hunts, better manage the elk population east of I-25, and address landowner concerns, a new hunt is in place for GMU 128. The bull-only hunt runs for a shorter time there than in the other plains units.

New Cow Hunt in Unit 61

A new hunt has been opened during a late season for public land in GMU 61. More hunting on public land should increase cow harvest, alleviate demands on landowners and reduce grazing pressure on mule deer winter ranges.

New Private Land Hunt

A new late hunt is open that includes private land in unit 391 and private land in the Jefferson County portion of unit 39.

Deer Changes

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New Unit 65 Buck Hunt

An early high-country season — above 11,000 feet — has been created to hunt bucks in GMU 65 before they migrate.

Unit 41 Boundary Changes

Boundaries for select private-land archery hunts in unit 41 have been expanded.

New Hunts

New hunts have been added for does in units 55 and 551. There is also a new fourth-rifle buck hunt in unit 201 and more fourth-rifle buck season licenses available in Gunnison Basin units.

New Late-Season Plains Doe Tags

A late rifle season for does has begun for units 103 and 109 near the South Republican State Wildlife Area.

Pronghorn Changes

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Muzzleloader Season Moved

To be consistent with other species dates, the pronghorn muzzleloader season has been moved to Sept. 21-29.