Land Use Restrictions

There are a lot of options for Colorado Big Game Hunting on Colorado's Public Lands.  However, a few of the lands, such as State Trust Lands, have special restrictions.  So this be sure to check this section and with local offices to be sure you're legal.


1. NEW! Hunting prohibited on Mt. Evans Lake Cirque and within a half-mile of either side of the centerline of Mt. Evans Hwy. (Colo. 5) while the road is open to vehicle traffic from the intersection with Colo. 103 to the summit. When Mt. Evans Road is closed to vehicles, the hunting closure is lifted. There is no ptarmigan hunting at any time.

2. Hunting prohibited within 50 feet of centerline of federal, state or county roads or highways. Land between divided highways closed to hunting.

3. Hunting prohibited in Gore Creek drainage south of I-70 from Lion’s Head ski lift at Vail to I-70 and U.S. 24. Hunting prohibited north of I-70 and within a half-mile of I-70 between Vail and I-70 and U.S. 24.

4. Moose hunting prohibited within a quarter-mile of Colo. 14 in Jackson County from Cameron Pass west to Forest Rd. 740 at Gould.

5. Hunters: Be aware that specific restrictions apply on State Wildlife Areas and State Trust Lands leased by CPW. Before hunting on any of these properties, please consult either CPW’s State Wildlife Areas or State Trust Lands brochures, available at CPW offices (listed on inside cover), license agents or online.

6. National wildlife refuges may have restrictions. Consult specific refuges.

7. National parks and monuments managed by the National Park Service are closed to hunting. Check park websites for more information.

State Trust Lands (STL)

CPW participates in the State Trust Lands public access program, but not all State Trust Lands designated on maps are in the CPW program. Only STL properties in CPW’s State Trust Lands brochure are open for wildlife recreation.

Big Game Access Pilot Program

The Big Game Access Pilot Program offers deer and pronghorn hunting on specific properties in southeast Colorado. Hunters 18 and older must buy a $40 permit from a license agent or CPW location. Permits are nonrefundable. Hunters under 18 must obtain a free permit. Hunters must carry permit while hunting.

1. Open two hours before sunrise until two hours after sunset.

2. Open Aug. 15-Dec. 31, on dates for which hunters have a valid license unless otherwise posted.

3. Motor vehicles prohibited except in parking areas or on designated roads. Walk-in access only.

4. Only portable blinds or tree stands allowed, which must be removed by the last day of hunting season. Pit blinds prohibited.

5. Open only to hunting pronghorn and deer. Hunting small game and waterfowl allowed only with landowner permission. People accompanying hunters don’t need a license or access permit if they don’t hunt.

6. Access permits cannot be transferred to anyone, nor do they allow anyone else to hunt.

7. For information and units with enrolled properties, see the CPW website starting March 1.

San Luis Valley Damage Elk Hunt

An elk damage season may be offered in units 682 and 791, Aug. 15-Dec. 31.

There will be two bull elk seasons: May 15-July 31 and Aug. 15-Dec. 31. Also, an either-sex elk damage season in unit 82 runs Sept. 1-Nov. 30.

Apply no later than July 15 at the CPW office in Monte Vista, 722 S Rd. 1E, to enter drawing for cow elk hunts only. Call (719) 587-6900.

Click on each specific area to find out more about the special use rules

Air Force Academy (AFA)

Hunters who are successful applicants pay an Air Force Academy access fee and receive a mandatory safety orientation. Hunting allowed only on days, areas and by method of take authorized by the Academy. Call (719) 333-3336 for more information.

1. Dec. 1-31, unit 512 (specific days determined by AFA): Limited buck and doe deer licenses available by CPW drawing. See unit 512 in deer rifle section for hunt code.

2. Limited cow elk licenses, unit 512. Prospective hunters must apply on base from May 1-31 for a random drawing held by AFA.

3. Unit 511 hunters cannot access the unit from unit 512 (AFA) with firearms, hand-held bows or crossbows.

Fort Carson (Unit 591) and Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site (Unit 142)

Limited licenses are available by CPW drawing. Archery either-sex and bull elk licenses for second and third seasons are sold over the counter. A CPW license does not guarantee or authorize access to Fort Carson or Piñon Canyon. Military training has priority.

All seasons on Fort Carson may be limited to muzzleloader, shotgun or archery.

Access to Fort Carson and Piñon Canyon may be limited and subject to closures, call or check website for details.

In addition to CPW requirements, hunters must buy a Fort Carson recreation permit, attend a range safety brief, register firearms, obtain a vehicle pass and a downrange pass.

Be advised that both Fort Carson and Piñon Canyon utilize an automated checkin procedure called I-Sportsman. Check the website below for more information.

Hunting regulations specific to this area are in Fort Carson Regulation 200-6. Hunting information, firearms registration form and updates are at http://fortcarson.isports Harvest information for deer is now available for Piñon Canyon on the website. Fort Carson information: (719) 526-8006 Piñon Canyon information: (719) 503-6529

Green Ranch, Golden Gate Canyon (Unit 38)

Limited hunting at Green Ranch is by permit and fee via State Parks drawing in August. Hunters must have a limited license for unit 38 or an unlimited rifle bull elk license or unlimited archery license. Go to or write: Golden Gate Canyon State Park, attn: Green Ranch, 92 Crawford Gulch Rd., Golden, CO 80403, (303) 582-3707.

James M. John SWA (Unit 140)

Access only allowed during regular rifle seasons to hunters with permits, issued by drawing. Maximum 10 hunters per season; maximum of two per group.

Apply at CPW, 600 Reservoir Rd., Pueblo, (719) 561-5300. Application deadline: July 1. Successful applicants notified by mail. Permits issued for each season.

Jumping Cow SWA (Unit 105)

Access by permit only for antlerless deer and doe pronghorn hunting. Access begins Monday after opening weekend.

Hunters are selected by a random drawing. Applications are due the third Monday in August. For information or a draw application, call (303) 291-7227.

Lone Mesa State Park (Unit 711)

Limited public hunting at Lone Mesa State Park is by permit and fee via State Parks drawing in July. Hunters must have a limited license for unit 711, an unlimited rifle bull elk license or unlimited archery license.

Contact Lone Mesa State Park, Attn: Hunting Packet Request, Box 1047, Dolores, CO 81323, (970) 882-2213; fax, (970) 882-4640;

Red Mountain Open Space (Unit 9)

Limited bull elk, cow elk and buck deer hunting in portions of the second, third and fourth rifle seasons is by special access permit via a Larimer County Department of Natural Resources drawing in February.

Applicants must submit an online application. Successful applicants will have to attend a mandatory orientation meeting. Hunters must have a valid CPW license for the unit and season as well; these are available in the CPW drawing process.

Information is available at:

Ridgway State Park (Unit 62)

Deer hunting allowed for hunters with mobility-impairment in second and third rifle deer seasons. Two hunters are selected by drawing for each season. Contact the park, 28555 Hwy. 550, Ridgway, CO 81432, (970) 626-5822 or

Sharptail Ridge SWA (Unit 51)

Deer and elk hunting only by permit. Permits valid 2-3 days, starting after Labor Day weekend. A limited deer or elk license for unit 51 is required to apply.

Applications are available from CPW’s Northeast Regional Office in Denver, 6060 Broadway, (303) 291-7227. Maximum of two applicants per group. Application deadline is the first Monday in August. Successful applicants are notified by mail. Date, time, location of drawing on application.