Colorado Hunting Application Process

Although the Colorado Division of Wildlife recommends that you use their online application system for your 2016 Big Game Hunt.  There are still some extra information you'll want to know before you start.  You'll want to fully understand Group Hunting Instructions if you plan on hunting in a group, and you'll also need to pre-specify what you'll want to do in case you don't draw the tag you want. 

If you still want to fill out a paper application, we cover exactly how to do this, with a link to the Division of Wildlife's application instructions in PDF.  So be sure to check out sections 5 and 6 below.

1. Group Hunt Instructions

1. Group hunts: Group applications for any number of people are accepted for all big-game species in this brochure except moose. Group applications entering the draw for deer, elk, pronghorn and bear licenses have priority based on the group member with the fewest preference points. Group members must apply for the same species, hunt code, unit, land restrictions, season and method of take for each choice, but may apply for a different sex. All group members must have the same hunt code choices on their applications (other than sex). Each members must list the same first-choice hunt code and the same number of other hunt-code choices. These choices MUST be in the same order on all group applications. If anyone in the group makes an application error or doesn’t pay the correct amount, everyone is disqualified.

2. Choose a leader: One person must be chosen as the group leader. If there are discrepancies in hunt codes on the applications - including number or order - the leader’s hunt code choices are used.

3. Enter same CID number on all applicati ons: All group members — including the group leader — must enter the same CID number in the group application box to be entered as a group. If the leader has no CID, leader must call CPW to get one. All group members must use the same person as the leader.

4. How groups are awarded licenses: Each hunter’s application must be submitted separately. Groups are assigned a number, and if that number is selected in the drawing, everyone in the group gets a license. However, if the group is selected and there aren’t enough licenses for everyone in the group, the group will not get licenses; OR if the group includes resident and nonresident applicants and the nonresident cap has been met, the group will not get licenses.

5. Preference points, refunds, notices: If everyone in the group is successful for their first choice, they all get a license and their preference points drop to zero. If unsuccessful for their first choice, everyone gets a point. Licenses, refunds and notifications are sent to each individual.

2. Submitting your Application By Mail

1. Mail one check and application per envelope in a standard 4 1/8 by 9 1/2-inch envelope to the correct address at right. Don’t fold. If you have a CID number, write it on the check.

2. You may submit only one application per species, per year. Each species must be in a separate envelope with separate payment, including group applications. Envelopes with multiple applications can be damaged by the opener.

3. Personal checks, cashier’s checks or money orders are accepted, made out to Colorado Parks and Wildlife. U.S. currency only. No cash. Credit cards are accepted online only.

4. Drop boxes are available at the CPW office at 6060 Broadway in Denver.

5. Don’t send applications directly to us unless you were told to do so by CPW.

6. Applications are rejected if your check is returned by the bank.

3. Refunds or Preference-Point Restoration

1. Refunds for unsuccessful applicants are issued by June 27. The $3 process fee and $10 Habitat Stamp fee are nonrefundable.

2. If you choose to surrender your license to CPW before the season starts, you may choose to receive either a refund OR have the preference points restored that you used to obtain the license. To get a refund or preference point restored, you must relinquish your license and carcass tag before opening day of the season. License must be accompanied by a completed request form obtained at a CPW location or on the website. Requests must be postmarked before the season starts. If there isn’t enough time to request a form, mail your license and carcass tag with a letter to CPW. It must be postmarked before the season starts and mailed to CPW, attn: Refund Office, 6060 Broadway, Denver, CO 80216.

3. After a season starts, refund or preference point restorations are limited to extreme medical circumstances of licensee, death of the licensee or death of licensee’s immediate family member, or members of the U.S. military whose service prevented them from requesting a refund or reinstatement on time. These requests must be accompanied by sufficient evidence that the license has not been used and circumstances precluded the licensee from being able to use the license.

4. Refunds and preference point restorations are not considered more than 30 days after a season starts. This limit is extended for members of the U.S. military as noted above.

4. Preference-Point Hunt Code

A preference-point hunt code is in the section for each species in this brochure. Entering this hunt code as a first choice on your application automatically awards you a point. You can choose a hunt code as your second, third or fourth choice.

You must pay the full cost of a license and meet all requirements even if you are only applying for a point. If you only apply for a point, your money, minus the $3 process fee and $10 Habitat Stamp fee, is refunded. Another $25 may be deducted if you don’t meet the criteria under No. 9 in “Gaining and Using Preference Points” on this page.

5. Postmarked Applications


Mail To:

Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Attn: Deer
P.O. Box 173313
Denver, CO 80217-3313

Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Attn: Elk
P.O. Box 173314
Denver, CO 80217-3314

Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Attn: Pronghorn
P.O. Box 173315
Denver, CO 80217-3315

Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Attn: Bear
P.O. Box 173761
Denver, CO 80217-3761

Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Attn: Moose
P.O. Box 173782
Denver, CO 80217-3782

Nonresidents must use paper applications to apply for moose. Online applications are available for other big game species.

6. How to Fill Out an Application for the Draw

 When it comes to filling out application by paper for the 2013 draw.  We really don't want to give you any information than what the CDW puts out in their booklet.  In our opinion, if you have the option, it's much easier to fill out the application online.  But we added links to both:

Link to Online LIcense Sales CDW

2013 Colorado Division of Wildlife Application Instructions