Residency Colorado

These are the requirements to qualify as a Colorado resident to buy a hunting license:

1. You must live in Colorado at least six consecutive months immediately before applying for or buying a license, and must intend to make Colorado home (except No. 3 and No. 4 below). The residence address you give to buy or apply for a license must be the same as on your Colorado income tax return.

2. A valid Colorado driver’s license or Colorado ID is proof of residency if it was issued at least six months prior to buying a hunting license. If your ID or driver’s license was issued or renewed less than 6 months prior to purchasing a hunting license, you must provide documentation that proves you have been a resident for the required six-month period.

3. U.S. military personnel and military personnel of U.S. allies on active duty in Colorado under permanent orders and their dependents. This includes people who were Colorado residents when they entered the military and keep Colorado as their home of record, and their dependents (with Colorado as their home of record). Also included are personnel of the U.S. Diplomatic Service or diplomatic services of nations recognized by the U.S. assigned here on permanent active duty orders and their dependents. Active duty does not include reserve status or National Guard.

4. Full-time students enrolled and attending an accredited Colorado college, university or trade school at least six months immediately before applying for or buying a license. This includes students who are temporarily absent from Colorado but still enrolled. Colorado residents who attend school full time, out of state and pay nonresident tuition qualify for a resident license.

5. Children under 18 have the same residency status as their parent, legal guardian or person with whom they live most of the time per court order.

6. If you have a home in Colorado and another state, call (303) 297-1192 to make sure you comply with Colorado residency requirements before obtaining a hunting or fishing license.

7. Except as in No. 3 and No. 4 above, you lose your Colorado residency if you apply for, buy or accept a hunting or fishing license as a resident of another state or country; register to vote outside Colorado or get a driver’s license using an address in another state.